4 Fantastic Honeymoon Destinations

by Joanne

Every newlywed wants the most luxurious honeymoon after they have planned their dream wedding. Many couples choose the honeymoon before even picking their wedding date!

Honeymoons are a time to be indulgent, splash out and go somewhere you wouldn't usually dream of going!

1. Caribbean. This hot destination is one that many people dream of going to. Whether it's Barbados, St Lucia or St Thomas, the Caribbean islands come with their own relaxed beat and way of life, surrounded by breathtaking beaches and food to die for!

For a trip like this, you should consider booking up to a year in advance. This way, you can get better deals. You should make sure you get proper holiday insurance, too. You are travelling a long way and you need to be covered!

2. The Med. There are many romantic destinations in the Med which would be perfect for any newlywed couple. Try Greece if you are after some hot, gorgeous sun. Many of the Greek islands offer relaxation and adventure in one resort. You could also try the Greek mainland for some history thrown in, too.

3. A cruise. A cruise offers you the opportunity to see many beautiful cities or islands in one holiday. You can get cruises in the Baltic, Med or Caribbean - whichever takes your fancy. Contrary to old fashioned belief, cruises aren't just for old people, many cruises run family ships or even adults only retreats.

A cruise is a perfect way to enjoy many different aspects of a holiday. You can wake up in a different place each day, ready to explore the next island. You can also explore the ship.

Many cruise ships are kitted out with several swimming pools, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, and spas. There is something to do for everyone. Luxury cruises don't come cheap, though. You need to really save your pennies for this one! (unless like my friend you won it through entering holiday competitions! Grrr!)

4. Somewhere in the UK. Talking of all of these exotic locations is nice but let's not forget that the UK also hides some beautiful locations which would also be perfect for any honeymooning couple on a budget or even those who want to splash out!

Cornwall is one excellent choice and with its own micro-climate who needs the Caribbean?! Travelling to Ireland, Wales, Scotland or the Lake District also offers the chance to be amongst rolling countryside and peace and tranquillity. For the more adventurous couple, try off roading, climbing holidays or mountain hikes.

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