Bridal Store Dresses; Great Tips for Buying Your Gown

It can be a bit overwhelming going into your first Bridal store dresses, veils and tulle everywhere!!

Here are some great tips that can save you heaps when buying a bridal gown:

1. Location can determine the price of a wedding dress. The more affluent the area, usually the more money you can expect to pay. Try shopping in outer suburbs or suburbs that are considered more 'industrial' or 'multicultural'for a more affordable wedding dress.

2. Major cities can be very expensive, however sometimes lots of competition can bring the price down. If you do see a wedding gown that you love and there are the same or similar gowns in stores in the area, try to play one store against the other until you can get the cheapest price.

3. Many bridal store dresses can now be found at Bridal factory outlets. These outlets carry gowns that are overstock, last season, preview items, ex-display models, gowns with slight faults or minor shop soiling. You can save crazy amounts of money at these outlets; a 90% discount is not unheard of.

4. Like all other stores there a number of times during the year that it is better to go shopping. Bridal store dresses, veils, bridemaids dresses etc can be discounted 10 - 50%. Stocktake sales, end of financial year sales, end of season sales are all great times that you could pick up a bargain.

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5. A number of Bridal Boutiques hold 'Trunk Shows' at the beginning of each bridal season. You can generally see a designer's entire collection, which is great as boutiques usually only carry a few gowns from each designer. Obviously when we are talking designer gowns trunk shows are for brides with bigger budgets, but sometimes you can get the opportunity to speak with the actual designer, or designer's representative and discuss what style might be right for you. If you are lucky there can also be a few savings at this higher budget end of the market. Some have a discount on the ticket price, some waive custom fitting fees and others throw in or discount accessories or other detailing on your gown.

6. Bridal Stores have dresses at varying prices and quality of material. The material you chose could make a huge difference to the price. A gown I loved cost $3500 in a silk, $2200 in a taffeta and $1100 in a satin. A lot of the styles today look great with any one of these materials, but be sure to try each one on so you can judge for yourself how each material drapes and if a cheaper material is a viable alternative for the style of gown you like.

7. Some wedding gowns can look terrible in the store. There could be huge roses, massive trains that may not suit the gown; tacky beading the list goes on. But if you (or a friend or family member) have a trained eye maybe you can remodel this ugly duckling dress into a beautiful swan. If it's unpopular it might be cheap or on clearance and save you thousands. It may be a simple matter of changing the bows and fake flowers to more subtle beading, cutting the train, removing or adding sleeves or straps or changing the neckline.

8. Who said a wedding gown has to be white these days? Many bridal store dresses, veils and accessories now come in other colours. If you aren't going the traditional white gown; a formal gown, evening gown or bridesmaids dress in red, black, pink, silver or any other colour you wish can a tenth of the cost.

9. Want the wedding gown of your dreams but don't mind to keep it after the big day? Many of the bridal sites have second hand bridal gown section where you can sell your dress. Other sites such as Ebay have online Bridal Stores with dresses and all sorts of accessories. Most people are getting at least half of the purchase price if not more. If the style of your gown isn't too far out you can almost count on half of your money back.

10. Buy a plain bridal dress and then add your own beading. The beads may cost you anywhere between $5 - $200 but you will save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in labour costs. Be advised depending on how detailed you'd like your beading it could take up to eight hours to bead a single strap; this is something you need to do months in advance.

11. A plain wedding gown can also be detailed with lace inserts, bows, sequins etc. You are only limited by your budget, creativity and imagination.

12. If you are looking for a less formal bridal gown (without a train, hoops, oodles of material etc) a formal shop can be cheaper than a bridal boutique.

Wedding Dress 4

photo by Wonderlane.

13. Debutante or Cotillion dresses can also be a great alternative to a bridal dress; expect to save 50% - 90%

14. If an ugly wedding gown or shop soiled gown is beyond your creative control maybe it can be a cheap source of material to have a gown made. A friend of mine found a wedding dress in a particular lace that she liked for $300. To buy the lace in a material store was close to $200 per metre. With the help of her creative aunt she saved well over $1000.

15. Don’t forget closing down and other sales; keep your eyes on the tv, websites and newspapers. At end of lease, moving and closing down sales Bridal Store dresses, shoes veils and accessories can be anywhere up to 90% off! It’s worth driving a couple of hours, or even a discount airfare to save a couple of thousand dollars.

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