Buying Your Wedding Cake; Ideas for You

Here are some great tips to help you save when you're buying your wedding cake:

1. If you want a multi-tiered wedding cake without the high price ask for a real tier for cutting and then the other as fake tiers. The fake tiers are made out of Styrofoam. This makes a really cheap wedding cake idea as the so much work goes into decorating; baking and making sure the tiers don’t collapse on each other

2. Buy a small one or two tier cake fully decorated and then buy a couple of plain cakes or tray cakes in the same flavour. All cakes taste the same once it’s cut up and you will save hundreds as your wedding cake isn’t so complicated. Some cake shops throw in a plain or tray cake to serve; so don’t be afraid to ask.

3.Do you work or have friends who own or work in a café or restaurant? If you order a cake through there, you won’t have to pay retail for your wedding cake! That can mean an incredible saving; our local restaurant gets about 30% off retail for their cake purchases, so work those contacts!!

4. Sometimes they are over-priced but it is worth asking…the caterer you are using may also have an in-house pastry chef. This way you can save in delivery and cake-cutting fees.

wedding cake2

5. The cheese cake shop doesn’t just do cheese cakes! They do mud cakes in chocolate, white chocolate, choc orange to name a few. A three tier mud cake is at least half the price of other cake stores.

6. Is there a cake baking extraordinaire in your local club or church? If you are part of the club or a church member they may do it at a reduced rate, as a favour or the club may put in for the costs as a wedding gift for you and your husband to be

7. Depending on the timing of the wedding consider county and state shows and fairs; lots of people enter cake competitions and sell or suction their cakes after all the prizes are given out. Because a lot of the contestants can win prizes or enter for the recognition, the cakes themselves can wind up being very cheap.

8. You can also get the names of these ‘cake winners’ and contact them and see if they take orders. Some people just make cakes as a hobby; if it isn’t their primary business then the prices may be considerably lower.

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