Discount Professional Photos; You just need to be flexible

Can you get Discount Professional Photos? In short the answer is yes, but you may need to be flexible with a number of things such as the length of time you book your wedding photographer, what locations the photographer goes to and things such as number of photos etc. But if you want professional wedding photos here are a few tips below that can save you a lot of dollars!

1. Different times of the year can work out cheaper for you. As wedding season is generally late spring /early summer through to early/mid autumn it will be difficult to get a discount during their peak time. A winter wedding, when it’s considerably slower in the wedding industry, could help you get the discount professional photos you want.

2. Alternative days i.e. Not Saturday, could also save you money. There won’t be as much competition to snag the photographer on an alternative day, so the wedding photography might not be at a premium price

3. Book the wedding photographer for a certain amount of time only. Usually a professional photographer will spend anywhere between four to seven hours with the bridal party. If you only book them for, say a couple of hours, you could get all of the ceremony covered, family photos and bridal party photos at the ceremony location, but save on the photographer's time and travelling.

4. If you are thinking of booking the wedding photographer for a shorter period time, it may work to your advantage to have your wedding at a time a bit different to the norm. If you had a brunch, lunch or evening wedding the photographer would probably be able to fit in another wedding. This could mean great savings as whatever the wedding photographer charges you would be a bonus rather than a day’s wage for them.

5. If you have seen a particular studio's wedding packages and have decided that all of the photos are pretty much at the same standard; getting one of the assistants to cover your wedding could get you the discount professional photos you've been looking for.

6. Bridal Expos sometimes give out various vouchers that you can use with certain photographers. You get discount professional photos and you could save hundreds of dollars.

7. If you book ‘on the day’ you go to visit a wedding photographer it an again save you money. “What would we get if we booked and paid a deposit today?”

8. Beware of “bonuses” which should be part of a normal package. Do your research with a number of wedding photographers and ask your friends what was included. If most wedding photographers include say 10 enlargements, then it can’t really be seen as a bonus with another photographer and therefore not a saving

9. If you aren’t the superstitious type, you could get your wedding photos taken prior to the ceremony. This will save time between the ceremony and the reception; which is great if you are paying for the wedding photographer, the ceremony venue or various staff by the hour. It will also be appreciated by the guests if they do not have a long wait between the ceremony and the reception.

10. Can the photographer shoot the wedding and just give you the negatives or prints burnt onto CD? This way you can use many of the online or supermarket printing services available, saving you anywhere between $2 & $20 for a 5" x 7" print. You could print photos at home, email them to friends and display them on a digital photo frame. You can also print a few photos each week as your after wedding budget allows.

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