A Discount Wedding Dress can be an easy negotiation

"A discount wedding dress? I'd be too embarrassed to ask" Bridal boutiques and other bridal stores will not openly offer you a discount, why would they lose profits when they don't have to. But there usually is enough in their profit margin to help you save quite a few dollars.

Ask for a discount, don't be afraid. Here are a few openers to help you get the discount wedding dress you want:

1. "What would I save if I ordered it today?" Some stores just want to close the deal; most of my friends tried about 15 - 20 gowns and less than half actually bought their wedding gown in a bridal store, the rest were getting ideas to have it made. If you are serious about buying the gown, many will give you a discount on your wedding dress if you make it clear to them you will order the gown then and there. This is also particularly good at the end of the month, end of the quarter or end of the financial year when stores and assistants are trying to meet their targets.

2. "What would I save if I paid cash?" Although I don't want to know what store owners do with their accounting; many do still give discounts for cash payment. This can be from the innocent ways of avoiding the bank fees some stores are charged when you pay by credit card to less innocent ways of cooking the books. That however is not your problem, if it's a reasonable discount on your wedding dress offer to pay in cash.

3. "What accessories will you include if I buy the gown here?" You may not get a discount on your wedding dress, but if they throw in a veil or tiara, shoes or a bag you could save hundreds of dollars. Make sure you shop around for accessories before you take them up on this offer. Although they might say a veil is worth $800 if you can buy it down the road for $50, then you're not really getting a discount.

4. "Shop XXX said they could do it for XXX, can you do better than that?" If you have shopped around and you know your prices some stores will try and beat their competitors.

5. "What can you do for us if we include the whole bridal party?" With a commitment to provide outfits for the bride, bridesmaids and possibly mother of the bride, mother of the groom and maybe a flower girl the bridal store should come running to you with open arms. A discount wedding dress may not be on the cards, but a discount on the rest of the dresses may mean even more savings. At a minimum I would expect a flower girl dress for free and a heavy discount for the entire bridal party.

Don't forget with all of these questions you've got to mean it !! There is no need to ask for an unreasonable cut, but a discount wedding dress, discount veil, shoes or accessories is something you should always aim for. Do your research, know your prices and be prepared to walk away if they won't come to the party.

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