Making Your Wedding Cake; A great way to save

Thinking of making your wedding cake? Not sure? Here's some great ideas for you:

1. One of the cheapest wedding cake ideas is to make the cake yourself. With most cakes starting at about $400, you can make the same with some skill and about $50 - $100 worth of ingredients.

2. A traditional fruit cake has a longer ‘shelf life’; meaning you can make this in advance and not rush around trying to make a wedding cake the day before. If you are set on making your wedding cake and keep the stress level down this is your best bet.

3. If you have a creative friend or family member; don’t be afraid to ask them to make the wedding cake for you. Time wise they will have more time on their hands leading up to the big day. They will make it for you at a fraction of the price. If you have invited them as wedding guests this could be their gift to you; saving both of you money but also it can be a much more heartfelt gift.

wedding cake3

photo by killrbeez.

4. If you really love the idea of a cupcake wedding cake; to DIY can actually be cheaper and easier than a single cake. You can get a number of people making your wedding cake as a team! If 10 of your friends or relatives makes just one tray of cupcakes that equals 120 cupcakes!!! Because it’s ‘just’ a tray of cupcakes a lot of friends of rellies will probably tell you not to worry about it and you’ve just scored yourself a virtually free wedding cake!!

5. If you are great at baking, consider hiring someone to just decorate the cake. Ask around at the local cake shops or through friends. Some people or shops do this as a bit of a side business and it allows you to add a bit of your own touch to your wedding cake.

6. On the flip side you could get a wedding cake made and you could decorate it yourself. In most cases, the decorating takes up more hours than the baking; so you will save heaps in labour costs. A lot of the decorations you can make, buy and organise in advance so it won’t add as much stress as doing the entire cake yourself.

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