It's All About The Perfect Wedding Dress

All brides to be spend at least some time thinking about the perfect wedding dress. Without trying to make you nervous it is definitely a focal point of the wedding day. For most of the day all eyes are on you and the groom. You not only want to look and feel a million bucks but should feel comfortable and most importantly feel like you.

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There are many places you can find your perfect wedding dress; from a bridal store, getting it made, buying online, borrowing a dress just to name a few

No matter where you are thinking of finding your dream dress you need to start planning for it at least 9 months in advance. Surprising for some I know but some bridal stores need you to order at least 6 months prior to the big day. Some dresses take at least 4 or 5 months to arrive once they have been ordered.

Start your planning buy looking online and in bridal magazines early. You can save money by borrowing bridal magazines from your friends or from your local library. After you have settled on a few styles you like start looking around the stores. Have a look at our wedding dress checklist to get your planning all set.

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