Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas for You

wedding cake

Looking for great wedding cake ideas? The cutting of the wedding cake is a time honoured tradition. There is usually a special time set aside in the reception proceedings and it’s one of the many typical photo opportunities guests love to have in their albums. Traditionally it is considered the first task that the couple do as husband and wife.

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The wedding cake is also one of the centre pieces of the reception. Although a wedding cake is traditionally white and ties in with the bride as a focal point. These days it usually ties in the theme and colour scheme of your wedding; even if the bride doesn’t wear white!.

But do you need a cake at all? Many wedding guests are so full after the entrees and mains a lot of the cake can go to waste. Consider a small cake if you’d like the cutting cake to be a part of the reception proceedings and give out chocolates, lollies, fudge or something else the guests can take home. This can also double as a wedding favour or bonbonniere saving you even more dollars.

For those of you that still love the idea of cutting the wedding cake with your husband. Check out our tips below for some great ideas for all sorts of cakes and all kinds of savings.