A Wedding Cake Gift

by Lorelie

A Wedding Cake Plain and Simple

A Wedding Cake Plain and Simple

The cheapest wedding cake idea is to have a friend make it for you as a gift or at a reduced price. I make wedding cakes as gifts to all of my family and friends. It's a great gift and you save the bride and groom a stack of money.

You most likely have a friend or family member that is a really great baker or decorator or if your lucky both. In my case my girlfriend knew that I liked to bake and that is why she asked If I would make hers.

It's so much more personal when a friend or family member makes a home made cake. That is how I got started in the business of cake decorating, so you may also be helping someone who is on the fence about starting a business of their own.

The most recent one I did was for a friend who's fiance's Aunt made his groom's cake. The bride is a very creative person and constructed a bridge to go between the two cakes.

The grooms cake was a three tiered cake with a mechanics theme. It was made of fondant and very cleverly done. the brides cake was a colorful belly dance theme also made with fondant.

The photo at the top of this page is a cake I recently did as a gift for a friend who wanted a very plain and simple cake with orchids.

Think about who you know in your circle who might be flattered if asked "Would you make my wedding cake?" You could be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

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