Get Your Beautiful Wedding Dress Made

You want a beautiful wedding dress but can’t afford designer prices? Try getting your wedding dress made. It doesn’t really matter where but you can save thousands if you do your research.

Here are 15 great tips to help you get your beautiful wedding dress made for a price you can afford.

1. Obviously one of the cheapest ways of getting the dress you want is by designing and making the dress yourself. If you are blessed with sewing skills this can be one of your cheapest options for a beautiful wedding dress. You will not need to pay for any labour or design costs which can save you up to 90% of a retail gown. Be aware, however, that it may be very stressful trying to plan a wedding as well as make the gown of your dreams. Be honest with yourself if you leave things until the last minute this may be one of the cheapest options, but not the most practical.

2. Another option is if you have a family member or friend that knows their way around a sewing machine. You can work with them to design your beautiful wedding dress, but they can do the sewing work. Their labour costs could be a wedding gift or you could negotiate things such as baby sitting, dinners or whatever skill you can offer them in return.

3. These days there are a huge number of people that work from home designing and making bridal gowns. Because they don’t’ have the overheads of a store and display stock you can expect to save a minimum of 50% off the retail cost. If you take the dressmaker pictures or drawings they can generally give you a quote immediately.

4. Sometimes you can also save on design costs if you can source a pattern yourself. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a bridal pattern; a formal dress or even a regular sundress can be enough to give the dressmaker the overall shape and neckline of the gown you are after.

wedding dress6

5. You might have someone who is happy to make the dress for you but has no design skills and none of the patterns you have seen is quite right. You can get custom patterns made from some dressmakers or patternmakers. Of course this will be more expensive than your average over the counter pattern, but you will have the pattern for the dress you want without the design stress and dressmaking labour costs.

6. Consider getting boning in your wedding dress or cheap bra or cups sewn into your gown. This will cut out the cost of expensive matching lingerie.

7. Research your fabrics. Some dresses will not hang the same if you swap silk for satin and your beautiful wedding dress could become a fashion disaster. Some fabrics can be interchanged and most people other than designers would know the difference if you bought a slightly cheaper and lower grade of fabric.

8. Compare fabrics from bridal and fine fabric suppliers to regular fabric stores. Depending on what fabric you need sometimes you will save hundreds of dollars from buying at a regular fabric store.

9. Not all bolts of fabric are the same. Investigate a number of stores before you buy. Some fabric stores sell wider bolts of fabric and so for most patterns you will then need a shorter length. This changed the length of material needed for my dress by a third and saving me about $150.

photo by StarMama .

10. Not all fabric stores, even in the same chain, are the same. Fabric in the more affluent areas tend to be more expensive, so try more industrial suburbs and save at least 10%

11. Many bridal stores now take online orders. Some retailers now only deal on the internet and the gowns are at least half the price of many stores.

12. Ebay has a great number of sellers from China selling dresses online. A gown that can be $5000 can go as cheap as $20 + postage (around $150). Some deals can be too good to be true but there seem to be a lot of very happy customers. Although it can be risky you can minimise this risk by if you have a look at the seller’s feedback and being very clear in your communication prior to bidding. You could get a beautiful wedding dress for less than $200.

13. Are you going on holiday or business trip in the next 6 – 12 months?? A number of tourist locations such as Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong & India have amazing dressmakers that could whip up a wedding dress for you while you’re on holiday at a fraction of the price you would pay here.

14. If you are nervous about getting a gown made while you’re overseas in a short period of time, consider purchasing material for your dress overseas. You will find some amazing fabrics at a fraction of the price.

15. Or get a design and pattern made for you overseas. Many popular tourist areas have amazingly creative people. You could get a design and pattern made overseas for the cost of on over the counter pattern at home.

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