Bridal Jewelry Sets – What Should You Wear

You want to feel like the belle of the ball on your wedding day. Most of us even played dress up as little girls, with the dress and LOTS of sparkly jewelry. Admit it, there is a part of every girl and woman that just loves sparkles; this is normally a good thing, but when we are talking about bridal jewelry sets, sometimes less is more.

Anytime we are getting ready for a big event or party it’s typical to stress over what to wear and what jewelry goes best with which outfit. This is all the more important on your wedding day; you want to sparkle, but not so much that all people notice is your jewelry. It’s important to wear the jewelry and not have the jewelry wear you. Here are some bridal jewelry sets do’s:

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1. You want to make sure that you don’t wear clashing metals, meaning if your wedding band is yellow gold then the rest of your jewelry should be as well; same thing goes for white gold, silver, and platinum – generally speaking you can mix and match all three of the white/silver metals and no one will notice.

2. Add pearls. They are a great touch for the bride who has a more basic, classic dress; they really give you that elegant, 1950s beauty look.

3. Don’t forget to wear something blue. Great choices are sapphire and aquamarine. Often a nice touch is to find a really pretty hair pen; that way if blue clashes with your wedding colors, it’s a small enough detail that it won’t be overwhelming, but it certainly will be charming.

4. If there is something really special that your fiancé bought for you during the time you dated that could be the perfect touch; it would certainly hold a lot of sentimental value.

5. You need something borrowed so why not let it be a piece of jewelry. This can be a real tearjerker depending on the piece you borrow. Like that necklace that your grandmother gave your mother before she passed away, or a piece of jewelry your mother wore on her wedding day.

Bridal jewelry sets should be that final touch that pulls your whole bridal look together. Keep in mind the list of do’s above when you are planning your look, they will help guide you in the right direction. Just remember, and I know I already said it, but it needs to be said again; make sure your jewelry doesn’t wear you. Avoid anything over the top and gaudy, think pretty, classic, and elegant and you can’t go wrong.

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