Beautiful Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoes, although depending on your dress not seen much during the day, are still a very important purchase. Once you have made the big decisions; the style of your wedding and the style of your wedding dress you can start looking around for your wedding shoes.

As you will be on your feet for most of the day you should definitely select a pair of shoes that will be comfortable. You also need to pick shoes that are appropriate to the venues you have selected; if you are having your ceremony on the beach or in a garden, a high spiky heel is probably not the best choice.

A lower, wider heel maybe a more sensible choice for the wedding ceremony. You might even consider having a more comfortable second pair on hand for the reception.

Photo by Wedding Photography by Jon Day .

Make sure that you buy and break in your bridal shoes well in advance as you don’t want your beautiful day to be a painful day filled with blisters and limping.

As there are so many different shades of white it’s a good idea to carry a sample of fabric from your wedding dress to make sure the dress colour and shoe colour doesn’t clash.

Make sure you remember to take along your shoes to any dress fittings you might have. This will make sure that the dress is hemmed at an appropriate length.

Check out our ideas for great bridal shoe savings:

1. Shop at a shoe store in your local shopping centre or factory outlet, you’ll find the shoes a lot cheaper than in a bridal boutique.

2. Most styles of dresses means that people will never even see your shoes, so if you already have a pair of white or silver shoes you could probably get away with those.

3. Consider cheaper shoes, a lot of the time they are more comfortable and if they’re not there are a lot of shoe inserts and gel pads you can buy that are very cheap.

4. Try buying shoes in a different colour, as they will generally be cheaper. Silver, gold, bronze, red are also quite common for weddings. You will also be able to wear these colours again for cocktail parties, dinners or other formal and non-formal celebrations.

5. End of summer sales or stocktake sales often have shoes at well over 50% off.

6. Try buying your shoes online.

7. If you are on holiday or away on business; some overseas stores sell shoes a lot cheaper than at home. Although some Asian countries don’t cater well for larger shoe sizes ‘off the rack’, many styles of shoe can be handmade for a fraction of the price.

8. Buy plain shoes and decorate them yourself with a glue gun, pearls, a bow or diamantes.

9. Buy the Cinderella princess shoes you’ve always dreamed about and sell them afterwards. You can re-coup a lot of the cost price if you sell them on eBay or consignment stores.

10.Borrow a pair from a friend or family member – chances are they’ve only worn them for their big day.

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