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Although you have so many things to plan, bridal wedding accessories are an important part of the picture. Of all the days in your life, when do you really want to look your absolute best? For most women, it’s their wedding day. We have lots of big, important days throughout our lives, but none that focuses as much on how we look as our wedding day. No woman wants to walk down the aisle wearing mismatched jewelry, no make up, and hair not done. NO, we want to stun, to stand out, and to be told how beautiful we are; that is something EVERY woman deserves!

photo by Sarah and Iain .

Planning a wedding is a very stressful ordeal to say the least, and often we focus so much on the dress that we forget about the wedding accessories: shoes, veil, and jewelry. Not to mention that after we have paid for everything else, there isn’t much of a budget left over for your wedding accessories. So let’s look at three popular Bridal wedding accessories and look at what you should and shouldn’t do.

Shoes If the store that you are buying your dress from sells shows try them on while trying on your dress. If they don’t, you may want to pick up a few pairs from your local shoe store (check their return policy) and take them to your fitting. It is easy to be tempted into getting those really flash high heels, but try to remember that you will be on your feet ALL day long; if you aren’t used to wearing heels you may want to opt for a ballet slipper; they are comfy and practical!

photo by louis.ian.riley.

Jewelry Picking the right jewelry can be really tricky. The number one thing to keep in mind is to not choose jewelry that is too big and gaudy, and that wears you; over powering you, so that all you see is the jewelry. People want to see you on your wedding day, NOT your jewelry. Lastly, your bridal jewelry is a great way to add in that something borrowed and something blue.

Veil Ahh the veil, that article of virtue, hiding away the blushing bride. I know the dress takes center stage, but if you don’t get the right veil it doesn’t matter how stunning the dress is. That is why it is so important when picking out your dress that you try on veils as well. Another important thing you will want to do is style your hair in a similar way that you plan on doing it on your wedding day; this way you can get the full look and make sure the veil works with the dress and your hair. Also, take a camera along when trying items on, snapping a few pictures of each look; this can really help you pull your total bridal look together.

Photo by louis.ian.riley.

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