Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry is generally the bride's decision. When planning their wedding, most brides have a desire for their bridesmaids to have a coordinated look, which usually includes the jewelry they wear. Jewelry to be worn during the wedding makes a lovely thank-you gift from the bride for those who are serving her as her bridesmaids.


When choosing bridesmaid jewelry, there are several things that are important to keep in mind. One of the primary concerns should be choosing jewelry pieces that not only coordinate well with the bridesmaid dresses, but which also look good with the dress neckline and hairstyles planned by all the bridesmaids. As a general rule, necklaces make a good choice as a gift for all of the bridesmaids, but some brides also like to include coordinating earrings or perhaps a bracelet as well.

Although real jewelry certainly makes a lovely gift, this can sometimes get quite expensive, especially if a bride has a lot of bridesmaids. Fortunately, less expensive fashion jewelry containing semi-precious or simulated stones, or even good quality costume jewelry are also beautiful options. A string of cultured pearls is a classic that will add a touch of class to a traditional wedding, but cubic zirconium or Swarovski crystals are also beautiful options.


If you are trying to watch your wedding budget, the best option is to stick with less expensive fashion jewelry or costume jewelry. One advantage of going this route is that you could actually afford to buy a matching set of jewelry for each bridesmaid, such as a necklace and a pair of earrings. If your bridesmaid jewelry includes earrings, be sure to find out in advance who needs pierced earrings and who needs clip-on earrings, and try to find an earring that looks similar in both styles. If you are buying bracelets you should also find out what size everybody would wear.

Bridesmaid jewelry doesn't all have to match for each bridesmaid in the wedding. For example, some brides prefer to choose jewelry that has a common look, but which gives each bridesmaid their own special look. In some cases, this same approach is also taken with bridesmaid dresses. However, when necklaces are being selected, be sure they are of the proper length so that they look good with the individual bridesmaid's dress necklines. When buying bridesmaid jewelry, the bride should make it clear to her bridesmaids if the jewelry is simply a gift of appreciation, or if she wants them to wear the jewelry on her wedding day. That way, there will be no misunderstandings or last minute panic when a bridesmaid doesn't show up at the church with her matching jewelry.

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