Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

You’ve planned a great wedding and now looking for some cheap honeymoon ideas. When planning your honeymoon, you want to keep in mind that you don't need to spend a fortune in order to have a great time. For less money than you'd expect, it is possible to plan a romantic honeymoon get-away that you and your partner will always remember. Here are ten cheap honeymoon ideas that you can use to help plan a getaway that is romantic as well as budget-friendly.

Receive a Honeymoon as a Wedding Present

Although it's unlikely that you will receive an all-expenses paid honeymoon as a wedding gift, there are honeymoon registry services that will let your wedding guests contribute to your honeymoon, similar to how gift registry services work. If you'd prefer a honeymoon instead of traditional wedding gifts, this might be a great option.

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Choose Off-Season Locations

All destinations have peak seasons, which means a honeymoon during their most busy time will cost you more. Traveling to your honeymoon destination during the "off season" can be a great way of still enjoying the same features and locations, but at a reduced price. Sometimes going just a week earlier or later can save hundreds of dollars, especially when you include the reduced airfare prices that could be in effect during the off season. Not only will you save money, but your vacation will be more private and romantic, because it won't be as crowded.

Shop Around for Inexpensive Airline Fares

If you are flying to your honeymoon destination, shop around for good prices on discount airlines. You should also consider the possibility of flying out of an alternative airport if the rates are better. Flexibility in regards to your departure and arrival dates and times can also help you save money.

Consider a Home Exchange Program

One possibility for a very inexpensive honeymoon that most couples overlook is a home exchange program. These are clubs that you can join for a relatively inexpensive fee that help match you up with other people who are willing to exchange homes with you for the purpose of a vacation, honeymoon, or other travel purposes.

Hospitality Clubs and Other Free Accommodations

In addition to home exchange programs, there are also hospitality clubs, consisting of members who are willing to allow you to stay in their homes when you travel. If this doesn't sound like it would offer enough privacy for a honeymoon, you might also want to investigate unconventional accommodations such as monasteries and convents, as they often host traveling guests for nominal or even no fees.

Look for Travel Bargains

Signing up for budget travel newsletters can be a great way of finding deals and discounts on travel. Especially if you haven't yet decided on a honeymoon destination, browsing through these newsletters can give you some cheap honeymoon ideas.

Plan a Rustic Honeymoon

National and state parks can be a great choice for a secluded honeymoon. These parks often offer nice cabins that are inexpensive and quaintly rustic, allowing you to get away together for a lot less. There are many parks that are just as beautiful as more expensive honeymoon destinations, so check them out for cheap honeymoon ideas.

Shop for Cruise Packages

Although a honeymoon cruise vacation might sound expensive, cruise lines often offer really great deals. By shopping around, you can find good prices on many different destinations. One of the advantages of a cruise vacation is that they are so easy to plan. Once you are on the cruise, everything else is taken care of for you, and there aren't the kinds of unexpected expenses that you can encounter with other types of vacation travel.

Plan a Honeymoon Road Trip

Sometimes getting there is more than half the fun. Instead of planning an elaborate honeymoon at a single destination, make the trip part of your honeymoon. Plan a trip that will require some daily car travel, and spend one or more days at several destinations. Stay at quaint and inexpensive hotels along the way, and stop and see the local sights as you travel. As with most cheap honeymoon ideas, this will save money, but it will also give the two of you plenty of quality time together in the car.

Honeymoon in the Big City

Another idea that can be inexpensive is to pick a big city with lots to do. Many big city hotels offer good prices during the week to accommodate business travelers. Big cities offer many different attractions and points of interest, such as museums and great restaurants. You'll usually save on travel and other types of expenses.

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