Church Wedding...Some great ideas for you

Church weddings are still very popular with couples from all walks of life. Many couples choose a traditional service for a couple of reasons. Obviously some will choose a particular church because of their religious beliefs, others may not have really strong religious beliefs but still would like to stick to a traditional service, some couples choose a particular church because their parents or other close family members were previously married there and some people just fall in love with a particular location.

In our local area there is a beautiful blue stone church that has been around for at least a hundred years and it is always very popular ceremony location for religious and non-religious couples alike.

Check with the church and check what their policies are on ceremonies, music and decorations. Some require you to attend the church for a certain time prior to the ceremony, others require you to attend pre-marriage counselling, some will only allow fresh flowers, others may not allow candles, others may already have some supplies on hand such as vases or ribbons.

Here are some great tips to help you save on your church wedding ceremony:

1. The large and popular places can sometimes mean a larger donation, make sure you research this before committing anywhere

2. Some states or countries have a fixed fee for church wedding ceremonies. These fees do not usually include the extras; such as choir, bell ringers, special lighting and so on. So although you may not be able to save on the church it is also those extras that can add up.

3. If you or a close family member is a member of the local church you can sometimes use the church for free

4. The church can also some times help out with a venue for your reception, free or reduced chair & table hire, decorations or a pianist on the day

5. If you have your ceremony around a major holiday; such as Christmas or Mother’s day a number of churches will already have the area decorated

photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis.

6. See if you can get a list of other couples that may be getting married on the same day; maybe a few of you can pool your resources and all put in for the decorations. Although this can be difficult agreeing to the same scheme, hopefully you can all keep it simple and see the overall value in saving a lot of money for a location you’ll be using for a relatively short period of time.

7.You can find cheap wedding candles and ribbons at various discount warehouses, supermarkets and party hire stores.

8. Many churches now have very impressive sound systems. You can save a lot of money by supplying a pre-recorded CD rather than having live performers at your church wedding ceremony

9. Choose a church which is beautiful on its own and doesn’t need decoration. Does anyone really notice a few ribbons and flowers? The church may have beautiful lighting, gorgeous stain glassed windows or just a wonderful warm feel. Let your guests enjoy the church ceremony for the church itself and also focus on why they are really here for the bride and groom

10. If you are including a number of readings or hymns that guests may not be familiar with, you may feel the need to include these in a wedding program. These can be produced fairly cheaply if you have a good quality printer or cheap printing can also be found at larger office suppliers and shopping centres

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