Crafty Wedding Favors...A Personal Touch

Crafty wedding favors not only stamps your own personal touch it can also be, if you enjoy arts and crafts, very relaxing in the months leading up to your big day.

Your favor ideas can be coordinated into your colour scheme either by what you create or by how you choose to package them. You can wrap your wedding favors in tulle that can match you wedding colour scheme. You could place your favors in cello bags tied with a ribbon. You can buy tulle, cello bags and ribbons all in bulk to save yourself a bundle. You could also buy your wedding favors and make the boxes, sachets or bags, which is a great money saver as packaging can cost anywhere up to $10 per item.

Here are some of our favourite personal and crafty wedding favors:

1. Candles: Are always a favourite; they look great on a reception table and are quite cheap and easy to make. You can create them in the colour of your wedding theme and the materials are easily available at most craft stores.

2. CDs: Are great and very personal crafty wedding favors. Your wedding CD can double as a thankyou card to your guests. If you know your way around a computer you can burn photos of the bride and groom, photos of the bride and groom with family and friends, a copy of your vows and even your music from the big day.

3. Xmas ornaments: If you are having a December wedding, personal wedding ornaments can be beautiful & crafty wedding favors. It could be a simple bauble with a thankyou & your wedding date, the bride and groom’s names or your wedding flower. You could also make ornaments with your guest’s names, which can double as a creative place card.

4. Centrepieces: can save you heaps of money and be a great wedding favor for guests. Try platters with stones or coloured glass, glass bowls with coloured water or floating candles, fresh fruit baskets, seashell arrangements, painted ceramic flower pots, mirrors with stones and tea light candles or silk flower arrangements.

5. Painted glassware: Glasses are a great favor idea. They can be bought for a very cheap price from most discount stores. Wine glasses, beer glasses or shot glasses can be bought for as little as $2 for a set of six. You can buy glass paint and paint the glasses with a simple theme, glass transfers could also be used or buy stickers that will tie in with your theme but can be easily removed after the big day.

6. Wine: If you or your groom enjoys a good drop you might like to try making your own wine. Many vineyards sell their grapes by the crate and you could find yourselves with a brand new hobby. If that sounds a bit too expensive or difficult, try buying cleanskins and label yourself. Cleanskin wines are simply wines sold without a label. They are often exactly the same wine as that sold in labelled bottles but are sold at a significant discount. Use your computer to create labels; you could have a photo of the bride and groom or a simple thankyou and your wedding date.

7. Shells, stones and sand can make great crafty wedding favors, especially if your wedding is centred on a beach or tropical theme. You can make or buy miniature sand trays and arrange stones or shells or you can just make patterns in the sand.

8. Potpourri: are very creative and crafty wedding favors, as well as being very easy and cheap to make. You can find heaps of supplies and recipes at local craft stores and online. Create a fragrance you love with your groom and package it as your signature wedding scent. But make sure you package your potpourri well, as you don’t want your guests overwhelmed by the fragrance.

9. Bookmarks can be very personalised crafty wedding favors, as well as being very cheap to make. One A4 sheet can make at least 5 bookmarks which will also keep your costs down. Cardstock can be found at craft and scrapbooking stores as well as your local newsagents or office supplier. You can print a photo of the bride and groom, a favourite landscape or a flower from your wedding theme. You can also include a thankyou to double as a thankyou card, the guest’s names to double as a place card or print your favourite wedding vow or reading for your guests to remember.

10. Message in a bottle: A very personal touch, also a great favor idea if you are having a beach or tropical theme. You can buy small bottles in bulk at local discount stores and write your own personal message to each guest for them to open after the wedding. The paper that is scrolled inside the bottle can be coloured in your wedding theme or you can tie matching ribbon around the top. You can write a general thankyou to your guests, include a favourite poem or personalise sections of your message by either writing each message or using the mail merge function included in Word.

11. Wine glass markers are very handy crafty wedding favors, not only on your wedding day but at any other celebrations to come. All you need is some wire, beads, stones or other charms and some simple tools and your away. Most stock is easily available in most craft or jewellery supply stores. Vary your markers with individual creations or enough variety so groups of friends or family will not mix them up after your big day. You also could personalise with the guest’s initials. A great wedding favor for well under $1 each.

12. Bath salts are a wonderful and relaxing wedding favor idea. They are easily made in bulk and then you can package separately for your guests. Colour the bath salts in your wedding theme or make pretty packaging. If your guests have a big one at your wedding a relaxing bath the next day might be the best thing in the world!!

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