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Finding discount wedding favors are not as difficult as you think. If you aren’t the greatest in the kitchen, not a craft queen or don’t have the time to make a hundred little wedding favors finding discount wedding favors can be a great option.

There are heaps of sites that sell wedding favors and many have a search by price function. This is great because if you decide you don’t want to spend more than a certain amount you can limit your search to your fixed price range. Other than discount wedding favors sites you can also try eBay. If you are finding it difficult finding the number of favors you need, try the bulk lots section.

Don’t forget to try local discount stores as there can be many treasures hidden amongst some of the junky items. Something very cheap and plain can be turned into a personalised favor by painting, stickers, a personal note or photos. Use your imagination.

You could also save money by giving favors that can double up as something else; such as centre pieces or place cards.

Here are a few of our favourite wedding favors:

1. Plants or seedlings can double as table settings. Your guests can take them home and plant them in their gardens and remember the happy couple every time they enjoy their garden.

2. Frames can double as place cards. You can collect photos of your family and friends and place them in the frames, or write or print out the guest’s names.

3. Glasses are a great discount wedding favor idea. They can be bought for a very cheap price from most discount stores. Wine glasses, beer glasses or shot glasses can be bought for as little as $2 for a set of six. You can buy glass paint and paint the glasses with a simple theme, glass transfers could also be used or buy stickers that will tie in with your theme but can be easily removed after the big day.

4. Stubby or beer holders are a great idea for a more casual wedding. They can be given to guests after the ceremony, during appetizers or placed on the tables. The great thing is you can get just about any colour and anything placed on them. You could have anything from a photo of the bride and groom to a simple thank you with your wedding date.

5. Coasters are available from so many places depending on what you are after. You can find them at online photo stores, craft stores, markets, promotional stores and gift stores. They can be a simple flower that ties in with your floral theme, a photo of the bride and groom or engraved glass to name a few.

6. Paper fans are a great discount wedding favour, especially if you are having a summer wedding. Give them out to guests at your ceremony. Easily available at discount stores, craft stores, Asian stores and online for as little as $1 each. They are available in a variety of colours or you can buy plain white and decorate them yourself.

7. Key chains are a useful favor that are really only limited by your imagination. Available at promotional stores, craft stores, markets and discount stores, you can buy them for as little as $1 each. Metal or plastic you can insert or engrave a thank you to your guests, a photo of the bride and groom or just a symbol of your wedding theme make a great favor for guys and for girls.

8. Seeds are also a lovely wedding favor. You can buy seeds in bulk from your favourite market or garden store and package them in wedding themed paper or boxes. Also on the market is the plantable paper; paper that has seeds embedded in the paper. A lovely, lasting gift that can cost less than $2 per favor.

9. Coffee mugs are another great gift idea. Like glasses they are available in most discount stores and are easily painted or decorated. You can also order mugs from promotional stores, photo stores and online. Although they can be bought as cheaply as $2 they generally start at around $5 each.

10. Pens are a very useful discount wedding favor and can be personalised for as little as $1 each.

11. Fridge Magnets are another useful wedding favor and are available for as little as 50c each. You can buy them in discount stores, promotional stores and online. Personalise them with a photo of the bride and groom, a favourite photo of a flower or sunset or inspirational quote.

12. Coffee is a great discount wedding favor. Buy in bulk and package yourself in your chosen wedding scheme. You can also buy pre-packaged tea and coffee favors online for as little as $2 each.

13. For those who don't drink coffee try tea, cocoa or hot chocolate as an optional wedding favor.

14. Donation to charity is a heartfelt wedding favor. Do you feel like you want to give something back? The bride and groom can make a donation to their favourite charity. Many charities will send cards or email you cards that you can print. $150 can buy school supplies for a needy school; $250 can buy a donkey or goat. Give to the needy overseas or in your own backyard; help find a cure for cancer, MS or Alzheimer’s. This could be the best wedding favor that can be appreciated by your guests and help the sick and needy.

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