Ideas For Your Discount Wedding Invitations

Save Money with Do It Yourself Invitations

Initially finding discount wedding invitations can be difficult. Weddings are expensive, they have in the last few years become BIG business, and with that, the price of everything has skyrocketed. It is possible though to have a really nice wedding, even a formal one, and still not spend your whole life savings.

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Here are our top ten tips to finding great discount wedding invitations.

    1. Shop around. There are thousands on sites, stores, and companies the print wedding invitations; a lot of them will even negotiate price with you.

    2. Be open-minded. Just because you fell in love with that expensive invitation, doesn’t mean you make find one just like it for cheap.

    3. Watch out for shipping costs. Ordering discount wedding invitations online is a great way to save money, just make sure you aren’t losing all those savings in shipping.

    4. Order way in advance. Invitations can sometimes take weeks to print, you want to have plenty of time to proof them, and fix them if there is a mistake. Also, waiting until the last minute could cost you in rush fees.

    5. Be creative.

    6. Design your own invitations. This can be such a fun thing to do and really makes your invitations stand out and be unique.

    7. Use a local printer. If you do the design work yourself, this can be a really cheap option. Or if you don’t trust your design abilities they can do the design work for you.

    8. Buy pre made blank invites. You can get really pretty invites at any store that carries stationary, including Walmart. They are really inexpensive. They already have a design on them; you simple use your home computer to print your wedding details on them.

    9. Make handmade invites. This can be a really fun idea. You can get a group of your friends and family, have a girls’ night, and make invites.

    10. Cut the waste. You don’t need the response card, extra envelope, and extra postage; simply have your guests RSVP to your home email or to an email address you set up just for this occasion.

It really is possible to get discount wedding invitations that look anything but discount. You just need to be creative, put your heads together, and have fun. Get your husband to be involved with this too, you never know, he might have that prefect idea you’ve been looking for.

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