Donate instead!

by Maria
(New York)

For our wedding we decided to forgo wedding favors all together. I've always believed that they are the least important part of the wedding to begin with, since most people just throw their's in a drawer or cupboard and forget about it. Since it is definitely expensive to get 100 of anything, let alone something that looks nice, we decided to just donate a few hundred dollars to the American Cancer Society in honor of my grandmother who had just passed away from pancreatic cancer. I then made little notes for each of the tables that told our guests that we were donating money in her honor in place of favors. I made sure that the design matched the table decor (our wedding was a red rose theme), and that's that. They looked pretty and it made us feel really good that we didn't waste money on a knick-knack that no one would even be able to remember a year from now. It's not for everyone, but it is definitely something to consider. You can personalize it to be something that you and your fiance are passionate about. The possibilities are limitless - and it's a tax write-off!

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