Get Fancy with Ribbons

by Jen T.
(Virginia -U.S.A.)

I make cakes quite often and have found that using ribbons to decorate them is not only cost efficient and very pretty, but easy! Easy enough, in fact, that you could even make your own wedding cake and get professional-looking results.

Simply measure ribbon to fit around each cake tier, adding about an inch to the length before cutting. Adhere double sided tape to the very end of the ribbon.

Once your tiers are all frosted, wrap the ribbon around the cake, making sure to keep it level all the way around. The double-sided tape will hold the ribbon together at the back of the cake.

The results really are stunning. I've included a picture just so you can get an idea of what ribbon looks like on the cake...Although it's not a wedding cake; you can see how simple but effective it is. Using your wedding colors and a cake topper or flowers you too can have an amazing wedding cake that doesn't cost the Earth.

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