Your Groomsmen...

Who your husband to be chooses for his groomsmen is just as important as your bridesmaid decision. They are with the groom prior to the big event, organise and attend the bachelor party / buck’s night and of course the best man usually makes a speech at the reception.

Photo by wharman.

Like the bride choosing her bridesmaids – friends, family members or soon to be family members will add a different dynamic to the bridal party. Do you want to ask the male family members to complete the family picture? Do you want to ask partners of the bridesmaids so the bridal party knows each other better and might be more relaxed? Do you ask your friends and turn it into a total party?

The bride to be may also have her own opinions about who the groom might choose; would she be happy if the groom asked his friend who always got him drunk, possibly without an eyebrow and maybe sleeping off the alcohol at the police station?!

Groomsmen generally pay to buy or hire their own suits. Shirts, ties or cuff links are usually covered buy you. Like with your bridesmaids whatever agreement you come up with needs to be clear with everyone.

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