Make A Wedding Bouquet Video

Here is a great series of videos that show you how to make a wedding bouquet. With a little bit of practice you, a family member or a friend, could be making the bridal bouquets in no time. If you choose your flowers carefully, by choosing local flowers that are in season, you could make a wedding bouquet for a fraction of the price. If you have a local market, flower farm or even the local produce store you can find beautiful, fresh and most importantly cheap flowers to make a gorgeous bridal bouquet

Segment 1 - Introduction

Segment 2 - How to choose flowers

Segment 3 - How to Prepare Your Greenery

Segment 4 - How to Put the Flowers Together

Segment 5 - How to Finish the Greenery and Tie the Stems Together

Segment 6 - How to Add Ribbon and Finish the Bouquet

Segment 7 - How to Store

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