My wedding suggestions

by Tina

Having been involved in lots of weddings over the course of many years I've picked up quite a few ideas about how to have a wedding on a budget.

Having a small budget doesn't mean that it can't be nice. Some of the nicest weddings I've been to have been simple and relatively low cost.

My own wedding over 30 years ago was very low cost. My parents weren't well off and nor were my husband's parents. A friend of mine had got married a few months before and she gave me her wedding dress. I had to have it altered a little bit but the alteration didn't cost me anything because a friend at work did it for me as a gift.

Nowadays you can get lovely second hand wedding dresses from charity shops or off eBay. Look in the local paper to find someone to alter it for you if you need that. When my daughters were getting married they looked at dresses that cost many hundreds of pounds. That's a bit of a waste if you're only going to wear it for one day.

My eldest daughter bought her dress in a sale in a local bridal shop and the bridesmaids' dresses came from eBay. My younger daughter bought her dress and the bridesmaids' dresses direct from a factory in China. Both girls saved a huge amount of money by doing that. We had to make a few small alterations to the bridesmaids dresses from China but mostly they were simple to do.

For our wedding and the girls' weddings we did the receptions ourselves. We asked guests to bring food with them. Everyone brought something nice and there was plenty for everyone with leftovers to take home as well.

With a bit of planning and some imagination it's not too difficult to have a lovely day that you don't then spend the next 5 years paying for.

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