Want some other cake ideas? Here's some of the best

Looking for other cake ideas? Tired of seeing the same cakes at every wedding you attend or are you just looking for something a little bit different? Here are ten other cake ideas that you might like or give you some inspiration for your own unique wedding cake.

1. Cupcakes have become very popular over the last couple of years. It involves a huge cake stand that the cupcakes make up the shape of the cake, which is really cute as each guest gets a cupcake. A lot of the shops are onto this and it has now become quite expensive. But if you do it yourself or share it amongst friends you could still have one at a reasonable price.

2. Other cake ideas may be other sweets for your guests. A variation of the cupcakes theme is using heaps of individual desserts on a tiered stand that could then be used as the dessert part of your menu.

3. You could have mousse (in your bridal colour theme), trifles or fruit salads served in espresso size glasses.

4. Individual meringues, mini cheesecakes or mini ripple cakes if you aren’t into cupcakes could be an even sweeter alternative. All three are very low cost as well.

5. Other cake ideas may be not to give the guests cake at all. For those younger couples or maybe a little more daring; champagne tower, cocktail or jelly shots with a small cake on top could double as a toast as well. A number of places allow you to supply your own champagne for a toast and jelly shots are quite cheap and simple to make an can be made the day before.

photo by clevercupcakes.

6. Consider a wedding sponge. We bought a fully iced and trimmed for $20 from the bakery at our local supermarket, for our son’s birthday. The sponge was a square sponge, with 12 inch sides and filled to about 4 inches high. Although it sounds a bit weird; decorated in white icing and a few simple silk flowers onto can make a cheap and really delicious wedding cake idea that is simple and low stress.

7. An ice-cream cake is also another cheap, but a bit left of centre wedding cake idea. Cakes can be very personal you might love a double choc mint cake with a strawberry glaze but with so many varying taste buds this might not be for everyone. Ice-cream is generally not as rich and more popular with most people. Of course it won’t be on display for most of the reception but if the guests enjoy it and you’re getting change from $100 then it can be a great alternative.

8. If you are having a winter wedding or just love gingerbread, a gingerbread cake is a cute idea and about a tenth of the price of a normal wedding cake!. Not only does it have a longer shelf life than regular cake, it brings out the child in everyone. You can do quite creative things with gingerbread such as a wedding chapel, individual bride and grooms or the house you are moving into as husband and wife.

9. Use your wedding cake as the dessert part of the menu. This may not save you money on the cake, but it will save you money on the reception menu. At some reception venues the difference between a two course menu to a three course menu can be anywhere between $2 per head to $15 per head that equals great savings. For 100 guests that can mean a $200 to $1500 saving.

10. A friend of ours went to a wedding where they had a small cake on top of a large gift wrapped box. Inside the box where heaps of chocolates that the guests enjoyed. Depending on which chocolates you buy this could be great savings and a creative idea.

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