Other Photographers Can Make Your Wedding Look Amazing

Think about using other photographers if you don’t have the budget for a professional wedding photographer. Great alternatives can come in all shapes and sizes. But be aware and do your research; other photographers may not have the same eye as a wedding photographer, overlook things such as an exposed bra strap or spend too long getting too creative. However a non-wedding photographer can also make weddings look amazing, as they can avoid the traditional posed shots and capture more natural more photo journalist elements to perfection. It all depends on what your budget allows and what type of photos you have in mind.

With any photographer, professional or otherwise, make sure you speak to them personally and see an extensive portfolio of their work.

photo by jmayer1129.

Here is a list below of some alternatives that can suit your style and your budget.

1. Remove the ‘W’ word from your wedding photography. Regular portrait or studio photographers have the experience of shooting people but do not have the high wedding price tag. Some may only shoot in their studio, but others will do jobs on the side outside of studio hours.

2. A commercial photographer is a professional photographer but generally takes photos of various subjects such as landscapes, buildings, merchandise and their work can be used in advertising. Like studio photographers you can hire them for a fraction of the price.

3. A photo journalist or news photographer is used to taking great photos of people and places in a variety of locations and situations. Some photo journalists will charge you very little as your ceremony, group photos or reception location may be able to be used as a local news or advertising feature. Others may have a small side business as well as their usual job and therefore charge very little or give great discounts for cash payment.

4. Other photographers work for themselves in a freelancing role. Do some research in your local area and track down a freelancer, you will probably get a nice surprise of some of the fees and services they can offer.

5. You’ll find lots of other photographers at your local photography club. Many members offer their services as a small side business.

6. Try contacting the photography teacher at your local High school or College. Most teachers have years of experience teaching and photographing various subjects. You can probably secure their services for a very small price.

7. Call local photography schools and Universities and look for local photography students. You may even be able to book these students for free or a very low cost if you agree to let your wedding photos make up part of their portfolio.

8. If you have a wedding Videographer, ask them how much it would cost to print screen captures from your wedding DVD. Some cameras have a still capture feature and while they are editing some shots can be taken from a single frame.

9. Do you have a close friend or family member who has a skill or passion for photography? You can get them to take photos for you. Their services could be their wedding present to you and you can get the photos printed yourself.

10. Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen will be spending the entire day with you and although they will need time to get ready themselves, they can get some great shots during the day. If you want to book a professional or some other photographer for the ceremony and formal shots, this could save you at least two hours of the photographer’s time by not having to go to your houses prior to the wedding.

11. In the new digital age disposable cameras aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago, however they still exist. Specially decorated wedding disposable cameras are generally more expensive that regular disposable cameras but to check online. Some companies include processing so in the long run it may be cheaper overall.

12. Disposable cameras have quite a long shelf life so you can purchase them well in advance. Leave one or two for your guests on each table at your reception and you’ll have heaps of other photographers to capture different aspects of the reception.

13. Alternatively you can give cameras to specific people prior to the wedding so they can capture moments from the every part of the day.

14. Send a blank CD, which works out to about 50c each if you buy in bulk, with the wedding invitations and ask them to burn a copy of their prints for you. You can then choose the best ones to print.

15. Send a note with your wedding invitations asking your guests for a copy of their photos, a CD of their photos, to email you their photos or to post them on a photo website such as Picasa.

16. Some professional wedding videos work with other photographers, if you book one you can sometimes get the other at a heavily discounted price.

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