Tips before you book a Professional Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers come in all shapes and sizes. You hear of amazing photographers who not only take incredible photos but also assisted on the day to make it relaxing as well as memorable. You also hear the horror stories; photographers that didn’t show up, terrible photos, hidden extras that ended up costing a fortune. Here are some questions you should ask when researching a professional wedding photographer:

1. Have a look at numerous events the professional wedding photographer has covered. Do they all look the same to you? Does the photographer get the best out of each wedding or do they just run by the numbers?

2. Have a look at an entire album not just selected photos. Anyone could take a few hundred photos and they are bound to get one or two awesome shots. Does the photographer cover the entire ceremony well?

3. What do they offer for the price? Are there different levels of packaging? If so get full details of what is included package; such as enlargements, album, proofs, negatives etc.

4. Who will be your professional wedding photographer? Although you may think you are booking ‘the photographer’ you may end up with one of their assistants. They may or may not be equally as good, but you need to know in advance who you are getting.

photo by saragoldsmith.

5. What are their cancellation contracts like? What if the big day doesn’t happen or has to happen on a different day? Will you be up for the full price?

6. What about if they cancel? After you have booked and paid a deposit what guarantee do you have that they’ll show up or worse ditch you for a higher paying gig? Will they have an assistant do it, will they book an alternative photographer for you or could they leave you high and dry?

7. What kind of cameras do they use? Digital? SLR? Will they price include a mix of colour and black and white photography?

8.What locations does the photographer include? Will they be just at the ceremony? Will they go the bride’s house prior to the wedding? What about the groom? Will they let you go to various locations prior to the reception such as a garden, a beach or some other significant location? Will they be at the reception?

9. Does the photographer charge by time or by number of photos? For wedding photography packages, how long will the photographer be around? How many shots do you get to keep? Do you get too keep all of the proofs? Does it include enlargements? An album? Framing?

10.How much are extra prints that you, your friends or family may like to order?

11.Can you keep the negatives or can you get a CD of all the prints (that are not watermarked) so you can make your own copies whenever you like? If you get the negatives of CD, how long does the company keep a copy of your wedding on file?

12. How much time will the professional wedding photographer need for complete wedding coverage?

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