The Role of Bridesmaids in a Wedding

Probably the most important role of bridesmaids is to help the bride in any way possible, including just supplying plenty of emotional support. Weddings can be very stressful to plan, so the bride can probably use any help she can get. It's also important to realize that although you might not know or even like the other bridesmaids that the bride has chosen, it is important for everybody to work together and get alone, to avoid making things more difficult for everyone involved.

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Even before the wedding day, there are many things that bridesmaids can assist with. Bridesmaids often help the bride pick out a dress or their own dresses. Bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own dresses, but it is extremely important to get measured when the bride asks you to, and get your dress ordered promptly. Most times the bridal shop will not order the dresses until all of the dresses have been paid for, so this can cause the bride a lot of worry.

Bridesmaids are also responsible for all of their other expenses, such as shoes, accessories, hair styling and manicures, as well as any travel expenses.

Another role of bridesmaids is to help plan the bridal shower, as well as a bachelorette party or hen's party, if the bride wants one. All of the bridesmaids should be in attendance for the wedding rehearsal as well as the rehearsal dinner. If asked, the bridesmaids may also help decorate for the wedding or the reception.

On the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids should be available to help the bride with anything she might need, including running any errands for her. Bridesmaids often go together on the morning of the wedding to get their hair done, get manicures, and any other tasks to get ready for the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids will precede the bride when walking down the aisle, walking in whichever order the bride has previously determined. The bridesmaids will stand at the front of the church, close to the bride during the ceremony. After the wedding, bridesmaids will stand in the receiving line, and have their photos taken as part of the bridal party. At the reception, both the bridesmaids and groomsmen will sit at the head table along with the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party. Bridesmaids will generally dance with the groomsmen at the reception, which is generally considered to be another photo opportunity. Other responsibilities at the reception might include taking charge of the gifts, helping the other guests, and generally making sure everyone has a good time. All single bridesmaids will try to catch the bride's bouquet if she chooses to throw it.

When the wedding and reception are over, the bridesmaids will help the bride get ready to leave, and help clean up at the end of the evening if necessary.

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