Silk Wedding Flowers...Can you tell the difference?

Silk wedding flowers, or fake flowers in general, have come a long way over the last few years. Only a few years ago they only had a place in junky discount stores and at grandma’s house. Now you can find hundreds of silk wedding flower suppliers on the web as well as many ads in bridal magazines. Not only are they more accepted now, silk flowers can give you a lot of flexibility with your theme and your budget.

If you're not totally sold on the idea you can use a combination of fake and real flowers. Amongst all of the real flowers no-one will know the difference and you can get them for at least a third of the price compared to importing a more exotic flower. From the picture below can you really tell which is the fake and which is the real flowers?

wedding flower3

Here are ten reasons you should consider using silk wedding flowers for some or all of your wedding celebrations:

1. Overall silk wedding flowers are considerably cheaper, most silk wedding bouquets are at least half the price of the real thing.

2. Silk Flowers last well past your big day, so you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars to preserve your bouquet.

3. A number of popular wedding flowers can stain your dress if you are not careful with the buds; with fake flowers will not give you this problem. This will save you money for additional stain removal when your dress is dry cleaned.

4. You will not need to worry about your flowers wilting on a hot day and you can focus your attention on other details.

5. Also these flowers will not bruise. They will survive hundreds of hugs while in buttonholes for the groom and lots of tight group shots with the girl’s bouquets.

6. You can have the flowers you want; regardless of the season or your location.

7. Flower colours are more flexible. Compared to having real flowers dyed or getting genetically engineered flowers, it will be easier and cheaper to find the exact colour you want.

8. Silk flowers can be purchased weeks or months in advance, making the wedding day and wedding budget less stressful.

9. You can buy silk flowers on eBay so you can keep bidding on various bouquets until you can find one for the price you want.

10. The can be great for bouquets and centrepieces as they do not have a fragrance, saving guests from allergies & hay fever as well as not overpowering your perfume.

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