Spring Wedding Colors

by Criss White

The seasons of spring and summer are considered to be the best seasons for an outdoor wedding. Without having to worry about the wind's chill or snow, spring and summer casts the sun's vibrant life and energy to any occasion, especially weddings. When choosing colors for your wedding, your preference will be the final deciding factor. However, if you want to go for the popular and fool-proof colors that will truly make the vibrant season blend with your romantic celebration, here are some spring wedding color suggestions that you can use.

Because of the vibrancy of this color and being the same color as the sun, yellow is the most popular choice as a spring wedding color. Especially when having an outdoor wedding, yellow centerpieces, yellow wedding favors and other wedding items in yellow will truly light up the ambiance of the wedding. Yellow is one of the bright colors that may not be great with a winter wedding, but is a fool-proof color for spring. Light blue is another popular spring wedding color as the sky is cast in this color during spring. The sky's horizon casts a light blue shade and adopting this color for a spring wedding will guarantee a coordinated look. As with the fresh green leaves you can find during spring, green, both in dark green or light green shades is another great pick for your wedding color. Symbolizing a new life for the newlyweds, this color will indeed represent the new chapter in your life that you can look forward to.

Other wedding colors that you can choose should be of pastel or bright colors. Pastel hues are great because the soft, gentle colors will blend with the colors of spring especially for great photographs when having an outdoor wedding. Bright colors are best if you are having an indoor wedding and would want your reception venue to be as bright as the sun outside.

Your choice of wedding color will be used from the invitation, to the centerpieces, to the wedding favors. Make sure that your color will reflect not just your personality, but will look good on photo, at your venue, and complements your overall theme. Your wedding color is a major aspect of your wedding and what you choose will definitely affect the not just you but the guests as well. But with these vibrant colors, your guests will bask in the sunshine as well as your wedding colors.

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