Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Our top 10 honeymoon destinations... Even if you are trying to keep to a budget when planning your wedding and honeymoon, it can be fun to plan a vacation at one of the favorite honeymoon hot spots. Fortunately, if you shop carefully and look for travel specials and bargain packages, sometimes you can find especially good prices for any of these top 10 honeymoon destinations.

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The beautiful tropical island atmosphere of Jamaica combined with an exciting nightlife makes it a popular choice for honeymoon couples. In addition to the exciting island party atmosphere, there are also luxurious adults-only resorts that offer all-inclusive vacation packages that can be the perfect honeymoon destination. Because of the all-inclusive price, this can sometimes be less expensive than other types of honeymoons.


The wide variety of destinations and things to do in Mexico make it a top favorite among honeymoon destinations. There are plenty of luxury resorts as well as quaint local getaways that can provide plenty of options for those planning a honeymoon in Mexico.


A trip to the Bahamas is also one of the favorite honeymoon destinations. Beautiful weather, sandy beaches and over 700 islands make the area popular for a romantic getaway. There are also all-inclusive cruises to the Bahamas, combining the luxury of a cruise with the romance of a Bahamas destination. There are generally a wide variety of packages available to fit any budget, making the Bahamas a budget-conscious choice in addition to being a honeymoon favorite.


If you are looking for honeymoon destinations that provide many secluded resorts and romantic getaway areas, Tahiti can be the perfect choice. Tahiti has many different islands from which to choose, each with beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, and traditional Polynesian hospitality.


Hawaii has long been one of the favorite in our list of top 10 honeymoon destinations. Hawaii has beautiful beaches and coastlines, exotic and luxurious resorts, and spectacular scenery. The breathtaking beauty of Hawaii can be the perfect paradise backdrop for a magical honeymoon getaway.

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The many romantic and beautiful cities of Italy have always been among the most popular of all of our top 10 honeymoon destinations. The land of love, Italy provides a variety of destinations, varying from the excitement and beauty of Rome to the more rural landscapes of the countryside areas. Italy is an absolute classic when it comes to planning your honeymoon.


Aruba, with its beautiful sandy beaches and luxury resorts, is a favorite honeymoon destination that offers a combination of excitement and romance. If you are looking for a little exciting nightlife on your honeymoon, Aruba's clubs and casinos might be just what you are looking for. There are also plenty of other activities for honeymoon couples to enjoy, such as swimming and snorkeling. If you are looking to save money on your honeymoon, look for travel companies that offer special holiday packages.


Located in the Indian Ocean, the island of Seychelles is rich in romance, providing honeymoon couples with refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its beautiful coastlines and mountains, Seychelles ranks among the most popular honeymoon destinations. Contrasted with the quiet and peaceful days, nightlife in Seychelles can be quite exciting if you visit the area's nightclubs and casinos. Or, just take a romantic walk on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Niagara Falls

For a classic honeymoon, visit Niagara Falls. Spanning both the Canadian and United States borders, this area includes not only the spectacular falls, but also exciting casinos and scenic parks. Niagara-on-the-Lake is also located nearby, with its many cafes and shops for those who love to browse. As compared to many other honeymoon destinations, Niagara Falls can be quite economical, while still providing honeymoon couples with a vacation that they will never forget.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas can offer the ultimate in honeymoon excitement. The city offers a wide array of resorts, casinos and nightclubs, and there is always plenty to do. There are also secluded areas that you can visit nearby for a change of pace. Package prices for a Las Vegas honeymoon are often quite reasonable. Also, because of the fact that the city is largely funded by the gambling industry, prices on food and accommodations are actually quite affordable, making it the ideal choice for the budget-conscious honeymoon couple.

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