Top Honeymoon Locations

With so many top honeymoon locations to choice from, what destination will the two of you head for? Your honeymoon will be your first vacation together, so you'll want to pick a special place that the two of you will really enjoy. Although there are almost endless possibilities, here are some top honeymoon locations for you to consider. Some of these destinations are just as beautiful as the more well-known spots, but since they aren't yet overrun by tourists, you and your partner will have more privacy to just be together.

The Maldives

The Maldives are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and SriLanka. This string of islands is rated among the top scuba spots in the world, and boasts secluded beaches, exotic scenery, wonderful resorts and great food. These islands can definitely be considered among the top honeymoon locations, especially for couples that live a little closer to the general vicinity of the islands, since it is quite a distance from North America.

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If you've always wanted to see the Mediterranean in its truest form, Croatia can be a great place to spend your honeymoon. Its picturesque surroundings include vineyards, olive trees, ancient stone houses, and great little waterfront cafes where you can enjoy romantic moments together. The beaches in Croatia are plentiful and beautiful, with opportunities for sailing, diving and just spending time together relaxing. Because of its location, you can also easily visit Venice and Vienna as part of your trip, both of which could also be considered top honeymoon locations.


Although you may have never heard of Tuamotus, this beautiful chain of seventy-eight islands is just an hour's flight away from Tahiti. The islands are beautifully unspoiled, and although the main island Rangiroa is often a port of call on French Polynesian cruises, the other islands are often less visited, making them perfect for a romantic honeymoon getaway. As opposed to the rest of French Polynesia, tourism doesn't dominate the daily life of those who live on these islands. This will give you a chance to spend some quiet time together simply enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the absolutely breath-taking blue and green water that surrounds the islands.

The Grenadines

The Grenadines are another beautiful string of islands that can be considered a top honeymoon location. The location is very peaceful, quiet and relaxing, making it perfect for a couple on their honeymoon who just want to spend some time alone together. However, especially during the winter, it is also a popular stop for the yachting crowd, which can sometimes create a bit of a party scene. In fact, you might even see somebody famous once in a while.


Close to Costa Rica, Panama has the same type of beautiful climate and scenery. There are offshore islands, beautiful coastlines and tropical rainforests, making the area very attractive for couples that enjoy nature. Activities include scuba diving, river rafting, snorkeling, and nature hiking. Many residents speak English because of the American inhabitants during the Panama Canal era, which can be very helpful to visitors.

St. Croix

St. Croix is the perfect honeymoon getaway for couples looking for a romantic Caribbean honeymoon vacation. Among all the islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix is the largest. The white sand beaches are absolutely beautiful, and if you scuba dive, the Cane Bay Wall is an absolute must. Of course, as with is the case with many other Caribbean destinations, plan your trip to avoid the hurricane season.

New Zealand

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has the kind of beautiful scenery that you will never forget. Located 1,200 miles from Australia, honeymoon couples can reach these beautiful islands by means of a non-stop flight. New Zealand boasts beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful rivers and lakes and gorgeous forests, making this beautiful country one of the top honeymoon locations for nature-loving couples.


Located in Central America, Belize is located on the Caribbean Sea. Home to the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere, it is a popular destination for those who love to dive and snorkel. The scenery is beautiful, with tropical rainforests and a wide variety of exotic vegetation and birds. Whether you want to visit an ancient Maya temple or simply visit one of the fine restaurants or spas, a honeymoon trip to Belize will never be forgotten.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific between Tahiti and Fiji. Peaceful and secluded, it is a great destination for honeymoon couples, due to the fact that it doesn't have as much tourism as either Tahiti or Fiji. The area is blissfully simple, being far removed from the commercialism and modern culture that has invaded most honeymoon destinations. If you are looking for a beautiful tropical getaway, you'll agree that the Cook Islands are definitely among the top honeymoon locations.

Cayman Islands

Located in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are 90 miles south of Cuba. Consisting of three islands, the area has beautiful scenery, great diving opportunities, great beaches and plenty of activities for honeymoon couples to enjoy. For couples who enjoy an exciting nightlife, the Cayman Islands will not disappoint. Or, take a romantic sunset cruise together to celebrate your new life together.

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