Ideas For Your Unique Wedding Invitations

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Everyone wants their wedding to stand out, and a great way to do that is by using unique wedding invitations. It may sound pricey, but getting unique invitations doesn’t have to be. Often the best and most unique wedding invitations are handmade. But what bride has time to sit and hand make each and every invite? Planning your wedding can be a very stressful and extremely busy time. You have to find the dress, pick the flowers, pick a photographer, coordinate the entertainment, decide on food, find a minister, and a thousand and one other crazy details; so I understand when you say that you simply don’t have time to make your wedding invitations.

photo by Chris Radcliff.

Just because you think making your invites will be time consuming, doesn’t mean that it will. In fact, here are ten ideas for making your unique wedding invitations:

    1. Think personal touch. The invites don’t have to be elaborate; they just need to be personal. Something the stands out as being true to who you are, they can even be goofy or corky. There really are no limits in what you can do.

    2. Think outside of the box. Your invite doesn’t have to be a standard half fold card. It could be a picture with info printed on the back. It could be a cardstock dye cut of something that screams you.

    3. Go to the craft store to get some ideas. You never know what might strike your fancy. It could be a ribbon or piece of material, you won’t know until you go, but you are sure to be inspired.

    4. Download a free trial version of Microsoft Publisher. They have great templates and clip art. You and quickly and easily put together your invite. Not to mention that you can save a ton of money printing them at home.

    5. Get your husband to be to help. For crying out loud, what else does he have to do? But really, it is a great idea to get his input, often times they end up surprising us with their great ideas. So give him the chance to help, he could be exactly what you need.

    6. Ask family to help, you Mom may be too busy being right by your side planning everything else, but what about your sister(s) or aunt(s). You’d be surprised how willing family is to help.

    7. Keep it simple, unique wedding invitations don’t have to be over the top and crazy, they can be simple and elegant too.

    8. Go to your local library and check out some craft books. This is a great, free resource. They don’t have to be wedding invitation how to books, general craft books might be all you need to get that great idea.

    9. Contact a local print shop. They have desktop designers there that can, for a reasonable fee, create and print inexpensive and unique wedding invitations.

    10. Have a party! You may think I’ve lost my mind now, you have no time to plan a party! I’m not talking about just any party, I’m talking about a crafting party. Gather your friends and family together to create and make your perfectly unique wedding invitations!

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