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There is no better way to get great wedding bouquet ideas than by browsing pictures on line. You will be amazed and inspired by all the amazing wedding bouquet ideas you’ll get from seeing what other brides did. Your bouquet is a huge part of your overall wedding look, so it is of the utmost importance that your bouquet enhances your look and doesn’t over shadow or competes with your look.

Picking your bouquet isn’t just about picking the right flowers for your wedding; it is also about the shape. Each shape gives off a different impression and style, and a lot of them have symbolic meaning, so you may want to do a bit of background research, and find a shape that tells your story.

Keep in mind when thinking about the shape of your bouquet that you should consider how it will look with your body type, if you are short you don’t want big long calla lilies, or if you are a bit on the heavy side you will want to stay away from overly large bouquets, as this could make you look wider in your pictures.

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photo by Jason DeRusha.

Another great place to go for wedding bouquet ideas is your local craft store. Real flowers are expensive, but you can buy a bunch of fake flowers and test out mix and matching the different flowers, until you get the look you want; this will show your florist exactly what you want, so come your wedding day you won’t be shocked or surprised that your florist had a different understanding than you did of how you wanted you flowers.

It is also a great idea to do research of typical flower types used for bouquets, as well as any personal favorites that you have. Some flowers will hold up better to all the lights, pictures, and bustle of the wedding event. Last thing you want are wilted or destroyed flowers in your bouquet ruining all your wedding photos.

Roses are pretty much a must have in a traditional wedding bouquet, but don’t as if you are stuck with basic red. You florist can order any kind of rose you want; roses come in virtually every color and shade. You may want to consider using spray roses; they are the really small roses. They work really well if they are paired with larger, more exotic flowers, adding balance to your bouquet.

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