Your Quick Guide To Wedding Bouquet Styles...

Think about various wedding bouquet styles early. For some a style of bouquet will be a priority, for others a colour scheme and others a particular type of flower. Here is a brief list below of bouquet styles to give you some wedding bouquet ideas.

There are a variety of bouquet styles:

Round – A traditional bouquet but quite a versatile arrangement. The flowers and greenery are arranged in a round, dome shape.

Cascade – A more ornate bouquet that is round or oval shaped at the head and tapers down toward the bottom.

Presentation or Arm bouquet – An elegant arrangement usually with long stemmed flowers that rest in the crook of the arm.

Single stem – One single long stemmed flower, such as a rose or a lily, that is sometimes decorated with a ribbon or trail of ribbons.

Nosegay or posy – a small bunch of flowers, smaller than a round bouquet.

Hand-tied – this arrangement is not fixed into any position but tied simply with a ribbon.

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Wedding Bouquet Style Savings

Here's a quick list wedding bouquet ideas that can help you save a bundle:

1. Your wedding bouquet should complement you, your gown and your overall wedding scheme. It should not overpower it. If in doubt, less is more; style-wise and money-wise.

2. A single red rose can have as much impact as a full bouquet. It can be simple & elegant but it will save you at least $150.

3. Do you have a friend or family member who has a lovely garden? Garden flowers can look amazing with a simple ribbon or florists tape around it. Like a simple single rose you can save at least $150, but make sure that the stems are either strong or wired to make sure they do not ‘flop’ everywhere.

4. combination of silk and fresh flowers may save you at least 50% if you replace imported flowers with a silk version.

5. Choose a smaller bouquet that will use less flowers therefore cost less overall.

6. A number of local community groups and schools offer short courses in floral arranging. Short courses can start as low as $20 if you do a 3 hour course plus buy your own flowers you could still save over 50%. You could also make some extra money helping friends or family members do the same in the future.

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