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Where would you find fabulous wedding cake decoration ideas?

If your wedding were a movie, the wedding cake would be the best supporting actress. Next to you, it is the most important part and the centerpiece of your reception. And often, it is the most expensive single item after the wedding dress. For a bride on a budget you may need to cut your costs and you can do that by making your own cake. It’s easier thank you might think.

The hardest part is learning some basic icing skills, but this can be done easy enough at your local community center, or even your local craft store might offer classes. If you can’t find a class to join there are hundreds of books out there that show you step by step how to make all the pretty decorations.

Once you decide to make your own cake, you will need to start collecting wedding cake decoration ideas from magazine, online bakeries, or even TV shows. We'd like to share with you some of our favorite wedding cake decoration ideas.

photo by Cherry Pi.

1. Picking the shape of your cake. You no longer have to get the same old wedding cake. Modern wedding cakes include a wide variety of shapes, such as square, oblong, hexagon, and even globe. Play around with the shape, just make sure you practice making the cake, last thing you want is for it to fall over because you didn’t have it properly balanced and centered.

2. Play around with fondant. Fondant is used to give your cake that clean, smooth, finished look. You will want to play around with this a lot before your big day.

3. You can make your cake as big as you want. If you have always dreamed about having that massive cake, you can do that, and not end up paying thousands for it.

4. Incorporate your wedding colors in to the design of your cake. You can add a simple trim in you weddings accent color that will pop against the white background.

5. Don’t feel stuck doing white. If you want a vibrant cake, go for it. Add color to you fondant.

6. Use the same flowers in you bouquet on you cake. You just want to make sure that your florist understands that you plan on using them on you cake; this ensures they are safe to eat and have on you cake.

7. Buy a pretty stand, how you display your cake is just as important as how pretty it is. It’s not good to have a beautiful cake sitting on a clashing tablecloth. Make sure you have enough decorations to decorate the table.

photo by MalinMark.

8. Buy and incorporate small plastic figurines, they could be a traditional topper, or maybe a few really cute cherubs.

9. Learn how to sugar coat real flowers. You can buy edible flowers from you florist, and then you use egg whites or another liquid, and use sugar to crystallize them.

10. Make your own flowers out of molding chocolate.

There are hundreds of sites full of wedding cake decoration ideas, you just have to figure out what it is that will make you cake as beautiful as you are on your wedding day.

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