Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you need wedding centerpiece ideas for your reception you’ve come to the right place. Decorating for your reception is a really fun part of planning and getting ready for your big day. It is the one area of the big day that you can really let loose, have fun, and be completely creative. It is also one of the best areas that you can cut costs if you need to by being creative and making your own decorations.

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Your wedding centerpiece can be one of the big items that you will need to put together. So here are our top ten wedding centerpiece ideas.

1. You are no longer stuck with one or two colors. For the wedding itself you usually pick just one or two colors, but when you move over to the reception you can really play with and explore colors; the biggest thing to remember is that you stick within your main color palette. For example, your bride’s maids are all in pink, over in the reception you could play with pinks, blues, and purples all in the same shade making for a really dynamic color palette for your decorations.

2. Flowers! Using flowers is a very popular wedding centerpiece idea. You can cut costs by using carnations, or mixing in some silk flowers. You will also want to recycle your wedding flowers; put someone in charge of taking the flowers you used during your ceremony over to where the reception is being held and putting them where they go.

3. Candles! What says romance more than candlelight? If you really want to cut costs, make your own candles. This is a great option because you can choose to either have no scent at all, or if you want to use different color candles you can make them all the same scent which is something you couldn’t get from store bought candles. If you do a scent, pick just one, too many scents could give guests headaches.

4. Mirrors and candles mixed together give off a great sparkle.

5. Vases with just water and glass beads can be a really elegant option that is easy on the budget. Mix in a few candles, the light from the flame will make the glass beads really sparkle and shine.

6. Paper decorations aren’t what they used to be; you don’t have to use those old fashion accordion style paper decorations. Today modern brides use paper in new, fun, and exciting ways. One idea that I really liked was to use three squares of colored and/or designed scrapbook paper and off set them so that you can see all three sheets and place a vase or pillar candle on them.

7. Add in fruit! If your wedding colors are bright and vibrant, why not use fresh, seasonal fruit to make fun centerpieces?

8. For a spring wedding you could go to the garden. Decorate your tables with pots and cute topiaries.

9. If you can use fruits, why not veggies too? There are several green vegetables that are very interesting looking and really add to a flower centerpiece; leafy greens and lettuces work really well too.

10. Not all centerpieces have to be the same; just as long as they are cohesive, not every table has to be cookie cutter identical. Have fun with it!

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