Your Wedding Ceremony Songs

Here is a brief list below to assist you with selecting the style of your wedding ceremony songs:

Prelude: During the prelude the guests are either mingling in the waiting area or in the ceremony area. Music required for this part of the ceremony is music for the guests to enjoy while waiting for the bride to arrive. This music can be pre-recorded or live. It can be unobtrusive background music or an official part of the ceremony itself. Live music can include traditional bagpipes, flute, harp or guitar.Recorded music can range from classical, easy listening to chill out sessions.

Processional: This is song played while the bride and bridesmaids etc are walking down the aisle. It will normally be something more dramatic to mark the entrance of the bride. Live music can include piano or organ, a choir, acoustic guitar or a two piece band. Recorded music can range from the traditional bridal entrance songs to modern love songs or pop songs.

Ceremony: A song played during the ceremony usually has some kind of significant point of reference. It might be a song to reflect on friends or family members who are not with the couple on their special day or a favourite family hymn. It can be a pre-recorded song, a song played live or a hymn which all of the wedding guests may sing.

Unity Candle: A song played during the candle ceremony, symbolising the unity of bride and groom and their families.

Signing: Songs played while the bride, groom, maid/matron of honour and best man is signing the official marriage documents. This song may again have some sort of traditional or family significance or just be a piece of simple background music for the guests to enjoy.

Recessional: Songs played as the bride and groom and the bridal party are leaving the church. If it is an outdoor wedding or less traditional ceremony it is the songs played as the guests are congratulating the bride and groom. It is generally a more joyous type music, which can still include traditional music but range from love songs to the latest popular Top 40 music.

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