Wedding Flower Savings Ideas

Wedding Flower Savings are something you should always try for but in the scheme of things your wedding flowers can create a very high impact for a relatively small expense. So try to save on quantity rather than quality.

Here are some ideas to help you get the flowers and the wedding flower savings you want:

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1. Supporting a local florist can also mean local discounts and a great knowledge of locally sourced products which should bring the price down for you.

2. Always ask for a quote from the florist and get a complete list of what it includes. Once you have a written quote, do not feel bad about playing one florist off against another. Although you do not want to waste hours of your time dancing from one florist to another, but do ask if a preferred florist can match a lower quote.

3. Ask friends with a green thumb, borrow books from the library or look on the internet to know what you are after and what is practical for the season and location of your wedding. If you visit the florist with some knowledge they will be less likely to try and sell you more expensive alternatives.

4. Location, location, location. Try to choose flowers that are easily accessible in your area. Flowers that you need to import from interstate or overseas will drive the cost sky high

5. Timing is important. Choosing flowers that are in season will also save you money. They will be easily accessible, will not need to be imported and will not need to be ordered from specialists.

6. Avoid the ‘W’ word. Using a ‘Wedding Florist’ try using a regular florist and get great wedding flower savings.

7. Bigger is not always better. What is the point of having the dress of your dreams if your bouquet is covering the majority of it? A smaller bouquet will not only save you heaps but it will also put the focus back on you.

8. If you are getting married in a church, plan to have your wedding around a significant holiday as the church will generally be already decorated for you. This will save you money but will need to find out how they will be decorating as you don’t want your scheme to clash with the church.

9. If you are getting married in a garden, beach or vineyard take advantage of your surroundings; it’s probably beautiful enough without having to decorate. Your bouquet placed on the signing table may be all you need.

10. Although nothing is ever really free; make sure your florist throws some things in for free. This can include a free throw away bouquet, free delivery to the bride, groom, reception and ceremony, flower girl basket or mother of the bride corsage.

11. A lot of the modern bouquets and arrangements a packed full of flowers. The more flowers, obviously, the higher the costs. Reduce the number of flowers and get great wedding flower savings.

12. You can use extra foliage or greenery to give body to the arrangements without the high floral price tag.

13. Use a large flower or a number of large flowers; such as arum or oriental lilies to create size in your arrangement but you will not need as many actual flowers.

14. If you have your heart set on a flower that needs to be imported, such as frangipanis in a non-tropical climate, consider using a combination of fake and real flowers. Amongst all of the real flowers no-one will know the difference and you can get them for at least a third of the price compared to importing.

15. Divide and conquer. If you buy a couple of corsages from one florist, some single flowers for boutonnieres from another and table arrangements somewhere else they could all be unaware of a wedding at all and therefore not have the wedding price tag.

16. The workmanship involved will also have an impact on the price. Choose a bouquet and arrangements that a simple rather than intricate. Simple can give a more elegant look and save on labour costs.

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