A Wedding Journal Will Keep Everything Together

A Wedding Journal is a journal that you can record everything to do with your wedding. You’ve got heaps of planning ahead of you, so it’s a good idea to keep it all in the one place.

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Although there is a huge shift towards online wedding journals and wedding planning software, many couples still opt for a wedding planning journal they can write in and carry around easily.

There are a dozens of wedding planners and journals available in book stores and online which can cost anywhere from ten dollars all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

Looking to save a few dollars? You can use a simple exercise book or excel table to record all of your wedding planning needs.

Want some more ideas? Check out a great article about wedding planning folders here.

Another option is buy a beautiful notebook or binder and print out our planning sheets below.

Wedding Dress Journal Pages

Wedding Cake Journal Pages

Wedding Photos Journal Pages

Wedding Ceremony Journal Pages

Wedding Reception Journal Pages

Wedding Flowers Journal Pages

Wedding Favors Journal Pages

Wedding Accessories Journal Pages

Wedding Invitation Journal Pages

Honeymoon Journal Pages

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