Wedding Music Savings Ideas

Wedding music is a very important part of your entire day. The songs you choose during your ceremony or party to at your reception create a setting as much as the background music while your guests mingle, chat or eat. The music you chose can be live, pre-recorded or a combination of both.

Here are some tips to make your wedding music dollars go further:

1. A number of churches or other places of worship are now fitted out with reasonable sound systems. Check with the church that this is included in the price and bring your own CD’s.

2. Most good Celebrants also have great sound systems. Many of these portable systems have the ability to play CD’s or have a point you can plug in a portable CD player or Ipod. You can then have your ceremony music at zero cost.

3. The same goes with your reception. Mixing your own CDs or creating different play lists on your Ipod and using a reception centre’s current sound system will be a very cheap option. Most reception centres and other clubs should allow this at no extra cost.

4. If you are a member of a church (or other place of worship) other members of the church may play or sing for free.

5. Look to your local schools as there can be some great school bands or school string groups. And don’t forget the teachers who are also known to moonlight as musicians. A lot of these groups jump at the chance just to play, although they might not be professional, they can make up for in enthusiasm.

6. Local senior citizens groups are also a great place to find talented musicians especially if you are thinking of bagpipes, violins, harp or choirs. Like a school group some groups just enjoy the opportunity to play, others will play for a donation to the senior citizens group and others charge a small fee.

7. Don’t pay the power fee! A number of reception centres, vineyards and gardens are charging up to $500 for a power fee for outdoor ceremonies. This is a grab for cash where they supply the celebrant or band with a glorified all weather extension cord! Check that your celebrant or band has a all in one sound system, which runs on a rechargeable type battery.

8. Go for ‘unplugged’ acoustic version of wedding music. Sometimes acoustic musicians can charge a smaller fee and it can create a more intimate feel to the day.

9. Usually the more people in the band, the higher the price. So a trio will generally be cheaper than a quartet.

10. Don’t forget that your band members need to be fed. Most bands and DJ’s have a meal as a requirement of their contract. Although reception centres usually discount their meal, the more people your hire the more mouths you are feeding.

11. Many DJ companies now have different pricing packages; meaning you can save money by leaving things off the list. Smoke machines, karaoke, the DJ to double as an MC, extra lighting can add hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to the price. Save a lot of money and avoid the extras.

12. You can also save by hiring a less experienced DJ in a company. Less experienced doesn’t always mean less talented, but it can cost you half the price.

13. Ask around. Ask your friends who they used, ask reception centres, ask your celebrant. Many won’t receive a commission, so they will be totally honest with you if the entertainment was great and if they were good value for money.

14. Listen to audition tapes, watch audition CDs, but also ask if you can pop into an actual gig. If you hear an amazing band and actually see a packed dance floor, you’ll definitely be more convinced.

15. The day of the week or the time of day of your ceremony or reception may also mean great wedding music savings. If your ceremony is during the early afternoon, a weekday or in the winter months you may get a discount as the entertainment will be able to get another gig for that night.

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