Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Need great wedding reception decoration ideas for a lasting memory? The wedding itself may be the most important part of the, but the reception is that lasting impression, and often will be what your guests remember the most about your wedding. Your reception area should be decorated in the same style and color palette as your wedding.

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Let’s look at some reception decoration ideas broken down by season.

Spring Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas
When you think of spring what comes to mind? Pastel colors, pretty flowers, and light, dainty decorations. Spring is not the best time for really dark, ornate decorations. You are best to stick with early blossoming flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, peonies, and lily of the valley. Remember to keep your colors light and airy to take full advantage of the beautiful season.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas
A summer wedding is pretty much like open season. There isn’t much you can’t do in the summer. You might want to try a more exotic feel by choosing bright vibrant colors; lime green, orange, yellow, sky blue, and hot pick. All of these colors can be carried through to your flowers and centerpieces. Summer is a great time to have a wedding if you really want to have fun and play with color. You may want to consider adding in a few tropical flowers, they can be expensive, but just a few will add a really nice touch to you decorations.

photo by blmurch.

Fall Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas
Fall is a great time to have a wedding if you are a bit earthier. Fall lends itself to warm colors, often neutrals, with splash of orange, yellow, and green. For your decorations you may want to try something rustic; some kind of wooden sculpture that is highlighted with candles.

Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas
I had a winter wedding, so for me, this is the perfect time to have a wedding. When you think of winter you think of snow, warm blankets, crackling fireplace, and cuddling. It is a very romantic and magical time of the year for a lot of people. With a winter wedding you can fully embrace Christmas, decorating your reception area in red, green, silver, and gold. Using Christmas bulbs as centerpieces. You could also choose to go with a cooler color palette consisting of ice blue, white, purple, and pink. Your decorations should all glitter in the candlelight.

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