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How much do we spend on Wedding rings & the Engagement ring? This is a common question many people ask. If we listen to the jewelry stores and many of the ads out there, people can expect to pay anywhere between one month and three months salary. The average cost of an engagement ring is currently around $3000 - $4000. You can go overseas, buy a car or pay for your entire wedding for that price!

It can be difficult to be level-headed when "a diamond is forever" and whatever else the advertisers are telling you, but here is a few ideas that can help you get the rocks that you want at a more reasonable price.

1. Check out site above "I do now I don't". This site sells amazing second hand wedding rings and engagement rings; they certify the rings up for auction and can help you find the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank.

2. Mother's, grandmother's or aunt's engagement rings are a beautiful way to carry on a family tradition. If the ring isn't quite your style your family members might allow you to get it restyled.

3. Do you have any friends or family members who work in a jewelry store? The employee discounts can be huge!

4. Buy the diamonds individually. Some of the major jewelry stores put a huge mark up on diamonds, as well as the complete set, if you know a little bit about diamonds then this is a great way to go. You can then the ring made the way you want at a fraction of the price.

5. Shop local. Some of your little family run stores, that aren't part of a major franchise, have smaller shop overheads, spend less on advertising and are more passionate about the jewelry they produce.

6. Shop vintage. Many vintage stores have rare and unique styles of wedding rings with a great price tag.

7. Out with the Old! Trade in or sell you old unwanted jewelry online or in the jewelry store. Some stores will accept other jewelry as a trade-in, which will reduce the cost of your new purchase. But if you don't like the trade in price on offer, sell it yourself.

8. Are diamonds a girls best friend? Do all wedding rings and engagement rings have to have a diamond and be made of gold? No! Rubies, emeralds, opals, pearls or any other precious stone can have as much meaning and look just as great. Silver is also a great and cheaper alternative.

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