Your Wedding Songs: Love is in the Air!

Original and Classic Wedding Songs

Wedding songs are a very important part of your special day and can be a truly fun and relaxing part of your wedding planning. The songs that you and your groom choose not only help set the mood and tone of your wedding, but can also help share a range of emotions and memories with your guests.

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Wedding music can express the bride and groom’s feelings for one another, create a relaxed atmosphere, remember friends or family unable to share the big day or pay tribute to parents or encourage guests let their hair down.

When you are choosing your wedding music, remember that is not only about the bride and groom. Of course you should include songs that are favourites and nearest to your heart, but remember that you will generally have a wide range of guests; in ages and in music tastes. Although five hours of heavy metal or country and western might sound like a great night to you, the parents or grandparents might not agree. Try to include music from a range of eras and music that will be easy on the ears for a wide range of guests.

You’ll also need to decide if you’d prefer live music or pre-recorded music. If you are planning on hiring a band or a DJ you will need to book these at least 6 months in advance, even earlier for more popular entertainers.

We have some great tips for choosing your wedding music, some great money saving ideas and heaps of ideas for wonderful wedding songs.