Your Bridesmaids...

Who your choose for your bridesmaids can be a very important decision. They are with you prior to your wedding, help you throughout the day and help with numerous decisions prior to the big event. You can choose to ask: - Your family members - Family members of your husband to be - Your friends

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    Do you want your family members by your side, your soon to be family members or your girlfriends?? Each choice you make adds a different dynamic to your bridal party.

    The bridesmaids you choose should be for the right reasons; they will help you, help you relax, you want to share this special moment with them and will make the day even more fun.

    If you choose someone because you feel obligated, because you think they'll look good in your photos or any other crazy reason - think again! Bridesmaids are there to help you enjoy the day, not create more stress for you.

    In terms of costs generally the bridesmaids pay for their own dress and shoes and you cover the cost of hair, make up, flowers and jewelry. Not matter what you have in mind make sure you discuss this openly and that everyone is in agreement. Keep in mind that although your bridesmaids might agree to pay for certain items it still shouldn't cost the Earth.

    Obviously the less bridemaids you have, the more you save - so make sure your choices are for the special people in your life, not to have the biggest bridal party in history.

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